The Zero Gravity Garden is meant to be used in a zero or minimal gravity environment such as a space shuttle. It is hexagonal in ship with interlocking mechanisms . This is because on space shuttles space is limited. If they connected it would save space and also increase the stability of the pots. They are designed to not only be stacked next to, but also on top of each other. There is a hole in the center of each unit so water can be poured in from the top of the stack and will slowly make its way down with the drainage system. The most important part of this pot is the curves lining its insides which will guide the pants to the surface where the lights are since there is no gravity in space and plants don't know which way to grow.The dirt that should be used for this can be normal soil from Earth. I hypothesize that a mixture of regolith and human feces will create a substance similar to dirt and will also enrich plants with nutrients found in human waste,

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