The Zero G Fish Feeder does just what its name implies; it feeds fish in zero gravity environments. It should be used on space stations in the year 2050, once scientists have figured out how to farm fish in space. Fish are a good source of protein, and other nutrients that humans need. In zero G, for a regular fish tank, if you try to sprinkle fish food in a tank, it would just float out of the tank with the water. This prevents that from happening. It works in following way. First, you fill it with food through the top hole, and attach it to the inside of a fish tank. Then, you put in black key shaped lever through the side, to the top, and turn it 90 degrees. Then, push the food floating on the top of the water down. The flat rectangular piece on the bottom is a cap, that you can slide into the bottom of the feeder, to seal the food inside, when you are not feeding the fish. Now, the astronauts can enjoy some sushi!

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