The One Stop Shop is meant to be all in one so astronauts can print everything they need in one single print. Hopefully by the year 2050 we will have technology that allows items to be printed together but not touching. For example, in my design it is meant so the cup, fork, and spoon are all printed inside the bowl and then the plate on top, so the astronauts don’t have to print every single item separately. After they use this item they can put the plastic, which is the material it will be made of, back into the machine so it can be reused and printed again. This print could be used on the moon so astronauts can have more room for tools in their spaceship. My design is shown all in one but realistically you will be able to remove each piece and use each piece for it’s own purpose, like the cup you can just take it out of the bowl, after printing, and drink out of it.

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