For my design I created a telescoping box. It consists of 3 free standing boxes that can expand and contract as needed to store food, and in a zero-gravity environment the boxes will be able to stay in place without any support. My design was created to be printed on Mars’s surface. The telescoping box would advance long term space exploration by making the best use of storage space. Being able to have a container that can collapse when emptied, in this case when all of the food has been eaten, will be very useful in order to save space. Additionally, when the colonists get more supplies, they can expand the already made boxes instead of needing to send for more containers or material to print. It is also versatile. They could use it as a terrarium for experimenting growing food in the Martian soil. It can also be easily modified depending on the situation. Not only is it versatile, but also has a very large print volume to storage volume ratio making the design very efficient.

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