My proposal suggests an aeroponic micro-farm, designed to sustain life on long-term experimental spacecraft journeys. Blood will be tested weekly, identifying which nutrients the test subjects are deficient in, defining how to adjust the weekly crop. Key to this solution is a 3-D printed spectrometer and attachment called Sharp Health. SH is created from recycled plastic, and is used to draw blood. Once the SH has served its purpose, it is sterilized and then recycled through the 3-D printer for the next week's' test. The spectrometer then scans blood to properly adjust the nutrients in the seed. Near-infrared spectrometers measure light absorption patterns of molecules within plants, ensuring ideal composition. All seeds are created from the same basic stream of DNA, and other necessary factors are inserted into the water in the form of a powder. This design occupies little valuable space. Natural additives can be included in the powder to create the flavor of a home cooked meal.

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