Mealworms are edible and supposed to be delicious. This chamber is meant to keep mealworms safe and sound. It was designed for any spacecraft, like SpaceX going to Mars. The hole in the side you see is an air hole for the worms to breathe. If the hole didn’t exist, the mealworms could run out of air. Don’t worry, mealworms won’t be able to escape through that hole! The components you see at the side is the lid and lid holder. The lid keeps the mealworms from floating out. The lid holder keeps the lid from drifting off. I designed this for mealworms because if I used grasshoppers, and since the maximum volume is 6x6x6 inches, the grasshoppers might not have enough space. I also chose to do mealworms because if you raise, for example, pigs in space, it wouldn’t be as efficient. But if you raise bugs, it is very efficient. The chamber is about 150x100x140 mm. The filament I am going to use is clear plastic so you can simply look in the chamber and see if the mealworms are all right.

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