In this collection there are three printers, one for each meal, containing 3 food items each. The one that I am presenting to you has pancakes, eggs and fruit. Let me walk you through the steps: Lets say I wanted pancakes, so I push the pancake button. What's happening inside? A pan comes down from it's stand and goes on the stove. (this machine is anti-gravity and light weight) The pancake batter will be printed on the pan. How does it stay batter? The batter is prepared before the flight, stored in little cartons (one per each serving) and put in an refrigerator. The egg is made the same way (scrambled already and only needs to be put on the stove). The fruit is it's juice, made into jelly so it could be printed firmly. Installed on the side of the printer is a mini-tv that has over a million apps, tv shows and movies to entertain the astronauts while they wait for 40 min.

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