PreservationPot is a device that utilizes the vacuum of space to remove air and preserve food. To use, astronauts first must unscrew the cap on the top of the device. Then, he/she journeys out into the vast space, bringing a 3/32 hex key. With the hex key, the astronaut must screw the piece on the side until he/she sees the open area. This releases the air from the canister. With the air free of the container, the astronaut screws the open piece on the side closed. Once done, the food will be preserved for a considerable amount of time because the lack of air slows the decay of the edibles inside substantially. To stay in the spacial constraint, I split the top cap into four pieces with a screw to bind them together. The filament I would like to form it now would be ABS. But in the future, I would enjoy it if the filament used would be recycled. I really enjoyed making the PreservationPot, and hope that astronauts will seal their space-grown food inside.

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