COSM-ECO is a small aquaponics system meant to hatch and raise young fish and plants. Plants are grown in the removable top tray and fish are raised in the tank underneath, until they need to be transferred to larger tanks. The waste of the hydroponics system feeds the aquaculture system, and vice versa. Includes a slanted tank bottom to collect sediment, handles for transportation, a pipe that can connect to a pump to circulate water, a hole for an oxygen pump to access the tank, a slot next to the pipe to place a small generator (powered by the running water), and an interlocking system to connect multiple units together. The system is meant for environments with gravity, such as Earth's Moon or Mars. The intended print material is PFTE, because the low gasout rates are beneficial for space travel and because the material is safe for fish. It would be beneficial for long-term settlements as it preserves precious water resources while providing a small food source.

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