The Galaxy Grail is an amazing invention.It can be used on any planet but is specifically made for Mars . It simply attaches to a space suit and a spaceship. It will be made of metal so it will be very strong. It can heat and cool any drink in just seconds.It will be suchned cupped to the suit or ship so it won’t detached and go into the deep dark depths of space All you need to do is attach it to a space suit or space ship and BAM you have a nice warm/cold drink. It’s the size of a regular mug and can stay attached to the suit or ship and can easily be detached if you need more”space”. If you attach it to your ship or suit then you will need a cooler and a heater and then you will have a fully functional GALAXY GRAIL!! The suit or ship Pump’s heated air or cooled air into the grail to hear/cool the drink that is in the grail. It is an incredible object that can be used anywhere and for any drink that you can think of.

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