The Utility SpaceBox is a design that can be printed using any material. It is tailored to fit on the astronauts left leg and attached using a velcro strap. Astronauts put their foods/liquids in the box. The Utility SpaceBox comes in 3 parts: The Tray, UpperBox, and LowerBox. The Upper and Lower are designed to connect at a 1-2 degree angle opening the box to the side. The Tray is designed to slide into the Upper separating the two, allowing the astronaut to allocate a variety of materials (Liquids vs Solids, etc.); however, the tray can be removed and used as a writing surface while allowing more room. The Upper is designed so that it can be modified to install a portable vacuum pump within an arms reach. It is also intended to be used as a micro-gravity bowl. The Lower is structured so that box-like corners are non-existant, and can be used as a micro-gravity plate. This design is meant to be lightweight, portable, and adaptable eliminating the amount of waste on a mission.

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