The Meal Pathway is a simple, conceptual device that makes eating in space easier. The largest piece is the storage compartment, which not only contains, but preserves the food and drinking elements. This piece pumps food and liquid in sections. The order depends on the other pieces: A longer tube will be used to contain water, keep in mind, this tube is bendable. A shorter tube helps you eat and drink the product(the suction of a straw). Lastly, the sphere container (containing food) connects with the tubes. Eating with this device is like going in a stationed routine. All the parts can connect and disconnect, enabling the order of consumption. Whenever you finish a section of food or drink, you can disconnect the piece (the shorter tube keeps it from spilling), or you can choose to consume through the parts like one big eat & drink straw. To conclude, this machine enables astronauts to fluently eat without the worry of gravitational problems and over consumption.

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