The Space Mixer is for astronauts or anyone who goes up in space. It is designed for zero gravity places (like the ISS), but can also be used in places with gravity. The Space Mixer is a devise used to easily mix foods in space. It is a container where you put food in, turn the handle to mix it, and then you take the mixed food out. It is reusable and simple to use. The Space Mixer is made to help astronauts mix their food without it flying all over the place. The Space Mixer has 4 parts that you must put together to make it work. First, you must put the items that you want to mix together into the hole at the bottom of the cylinder tube. Then, you plug the hole with the cork. Put it in as far as it will go, but do not force it in. Next, put the cylinder tube into one of the boxes with the handle in the small half circle on the side of the box. Last, turn the second box upside down so that the small half circle on that box will go over the handle and click the pieces together.

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