(Please Note: This device violates two of the Design Guidelines, 1. Printed with one material, 2. Requires more than a 6" x 6" area to print). This device is intended for use on Mars by: 1. provide a grip for astronauts boots, 2. measure elemental composition of the soil using infrared spectroscopy to find the elements needed for the makeup of soil to-be able to support plant(eventually greenhouse), life. This boot base-plate is attached to the bottom of the boot by slipping the boot between the rims and through a strap. This device works by an astronaut stepping down, (causing the ring grips on the bottom to provide traction and allowing the miniaturized infrared camera in the middle of said ring grips to measure soil composition. Materials used for this device are flexible plastic for base plate and grippers, graphene for built in battery and electrical lines in strap and base plate, and circuit board/glass for infrared camera. Note: infrared camera could be detached and replaced.

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