The creation or object that I’m creating is a microwave that heats, freezes and cools (hoolofreez) food and drinks. The simple object is used by pressing a certain button for what you would like to happen. You also need to press a time button so the hoolofreez knows what certain amount of time you would like to have your item refrigerated / cooled, heated or frozen. Food and drinks are heated just like a regular microwave, they are frozen by a tube connected to space and when space’s coldness comes through the tube for 1 minute, it would freeze the item in the microwave. The food or drink placed in the hoolofreez would be cooled after it has had 15 seconds of exposure to space temperature through the tube that connects space and the hoolofreez. This object would be used at Earth’s Moon and it would be made from aerogel. This object advances the human exploration of space because it shows ways you can use space or natural resources efficiently.

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