The Sprout Kit allows you to grow sprouts in space. The smaller inner container holds seeds and the larger container holds water. The other two pieces connect the containers. To use, lay a cloth through the slits of the inner container then sprinkle seeds on the cloth. Place the egg shaped piece in the mouth of the inner container. Fill the larger container with water (surface tension will contain the water) and place the rod through the holes of the larger container and also through a hole on the egg shaped piece. When the water level lowers, adjust the level of the inner container by moving the rod level up or down the egg shaped piece. Finally, after the seeds have sprouted, remove them by unhinging the inner container. The Sprout Kit brings my Korean culture into space. The embossed decorations are inspired by traditional Korean playing cards, and the filament is Korean celadon clay. The kit will be used in a microgravity area aboard a three year trip to Titan.

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