The Indian Tree of Spice will be used on the first expedition to Mars. The people living on Mars won’t return to Earth, so having culture is important. On the outer lid, there are Indian designs inspired by my culture. These designs help with grip when spinning the lid. The Indian Tree of Spice allows you to store spices, seeds, or pills.One unit consists of three parts, an outer lid, an inner lid and a container.The inner lid has seven holes to correspond with the seven sections in the container.The lid will be firmly attached to the container, which allows the outer lid to spin.The outer lid has one hole, so while you spin it, the other six spices stored won't escape. On the top and bottom of each unit there are connector joints that will let you stack the units. Since there may not be a lot of crops grown on Mars, spices will add variation to the food. The Indian Tree of Spice will be printed in translucent filament, letting you see the different, earthly colors of spices.

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