By 2050 a Mars base will be well established and have many people living and working on it. I think work on Mars will be very different then work on Earth. When you go to work on Earth, you can go anywhere and eat a delicious meal but on Mars, your work might take you far from your home base and a nutritious meal. With that in mind, I came up with the TGmeal (short for a to-go meal). A Martian could pack a TGmeal to take with them to work and enjoy it in any enclosed environment where their helmet could be removed. TGmeal consists of two parts, the inner compartment is filled with food and the outer shell is slid down on top of it. It is designed to be self locking and does not require a fastening device or tool. You gently pull the opening of the outer shell apart to slip it over the inner compartment, You do the same action to remove the outer shelf when you want to eat. The circular patterns represent planets and orbiting moons. TGmeal is made with a lightweight, durable plastic.

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