The Toiletry Toolkit is a device that facilitates practicing personal hygiene on ISS, that can be scaled down to print items of desirable size. Furthermore, the Toiletry Toolkit consists of three individual pieces that can either be placed on a vacuum directly or through a connector. One of the pieces is a mouthpiece, in which astronauts can connect to the onboard vacuum and put near their mouth to remove the after-spit that occurs followed by brushing their teeth; hence they can avoid having to swallow the spit. Additionally, the second attachable piece has teeth like a comb in which astronauts can draw through their hair to remove dandruff that can occur in the dry conditions. Moreover, this piece can aid in removing loose hairs and facial hair that may be a inhaled or a hazard to eyes. The final piece, however, attaches on the urinary hose on ISS. This piece acts as an independent toilet seat for each astronaut, in pursuance of prohibiting disease and to ensure better hygiene.

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