The Portable Planter is useful to astronauts when conducting experiments about life in space on the ISS. The scientists that live on the ISS will need planters to conduct experiments on plants and determine how they behave in a zero gravity environment. The Portable Planter will help astronauts do just that by giving them an easy and efficient way to grow plants in space by taking up less room than conventional planters.
In order to open up the planter, swing one of the vertical blocks up on top of the other to make a single tall rectangular tower spanning 4 blocks vertically. After that, unfold the 4 triangles that make up the tower and you will get a 4x4 planter tray! To store again, simply fold the 4 triangles back in, and flip the top column to the side. This planter can also be adapted to be used as food trays and for storage. As you can see, the Portable Planter is a versatile design that can be used for multiple purposes on the ISS.

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