This planter uses a basic self-watering system. Its trellis is designed specifically for vine-growing edible plants. The top compartment holds the plant and soil/substitute; the bottom contains water. When strings are run through both sections, the plant uses them as root extensions and water itself. Capsule is removable for refilling. When printed, the planter is 10*13.9*4.6cm and can be assembled for small sprout-growing. No supports are needed. At the seed-sprout stage, the four boxes are arranged in a closely packed panel. As the plants grow taller, the planters can be pulled along the z axis to form an effective trellis and a taller planter. If they need more growing space in between them and/or extra light, the x (accordion-style) and y (attach-rods-and-tubes-style) can be expanded. Being able to thin out crops without uprooting anything is a plus. The maximum dimensions of this trellis-including grow-with-the-plant system are about 8.4*14.1*10.6cm, smiley face included!

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