California Odyssey is a fun game that astronauts can enjoy in microgravity. Since astronauts have limited amounts of personal items/entertainment to take into space, California Odyssey is compact for storage and expands to a full size 3 dimensional game. The game pieces are California culture inspired, to remind astronauts of home. HOW TO PLAY: each player has 2 pieces and starts at their own home base. The first player to circumnavigate the entire board with both pieces wins. Players take turns spinning the center orb to determine the number of spaces to move. If another player lands on your piece, you must return to your home base and start over. THE GAME IS ASSEMBLED with the center orb used to form the central axis of the game board. (The center orb also hinges open to store the game pieces, and is spun to determine the number of spaces a player moves.) The 4 flat red pieces feed into the central axis, as shown. Each flat red piece has 4 hinges and folds into a compact unit.

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