Spill catcher is a contrivance designed to enhance the method of catching spills that can damage the equipment as well as skin (if it is a toxic spill). In order to catch spills, astronauts have to move around until they reach the spill; if it is a chemical spill, they have to put on safety goggles and gloves, which is time consuming and the spill can get in contact with surfaces before the astronauts can catch it. Spill catcher helps astronauts catch the spills in a faster, yet a safer way because the spill can be caught just by swinging the catcher, and the handle that can prevent direct contact with the spill. Either a cloth or a plastic can be placed between the two plates to capture spills according to the type of spill. In addition, the pins used to fix the cloth/ plastic in place allow use of cloth of varied thickness because of the multiple holes in the screw. This design can be scaled down to print items of desired size, if necessary.

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