Borders, philosophies, and rulers are all ephemeral, yet there is still one common challenge that connects all humans: hunger. Whether in space, on Mars, or right here at home, the quest not just for food—but a constant food source--is the most formidable challenge. “Life in a Box” seeks to change that. The top compartment provides 9 spaces for planting seeds. It is recommended that instead of normal soil, arcillite clay is used (as has been done in past space experiments) so that no debris floats into the space station. A water-tight watering tube it provided (but a rubber stopper should be added to prevent any escaping water). In the bottom compartment, there is a composter. It’s small, but so is the amount of waste astronauts produce. Also included is a stirring fork with external crank that assures food will not mold. “Life in a Box” unites us across time and space by not only producing food, but by creating new soil, and helping us win our timeless battle against hunger.

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