The Expanding Pod (EP) is designed to be a water tight container in micro-gravity, to serve as an organizer, and to expand larger than the print volume in all three dimensions (Final size: 18x18x26cm). The EP consists of one large pod (blue) and four small pods (red). The large pod both telescopes in the Z dimension (Pic 3) and expands in the X and Y dimensions (Pic 4). The small pods screw into the large pod and telescope in the Z dimension (Pic 1). Once fully expanded, the EP is water tight since each part screws and seals into the adjoining part. Besides storing liquid in the EP, users can also organize or store cutlery, game pieces, tools, etc., inside the different pods and the lids will keep the stored objects locked in. The large pod’s top section is also height adjustable, to accommodate for any sized item (Pic 6). To keep the EP secure in the ISS, it is equipped with a handrail clamp (CHAMP) attachment button that allows users to attach it to the handrail clamps in the ISS.

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