The multi-purpose tool adapter, and its various attachments, can be used in space to accomplish several tasks that are not easily reachable or require inefficient workarounds. Can be easily assembled using the threaded links. It consists of an extendable handle and four attachments.

Extendable handle: 12.50 cm x 1.50 cm x 1.50 cm. Each part can be screwed on to make a longer handle using the standard screw on the top of each handle and the threaded design etched on the bottom of each part. The pieces are interchangeable

The attachments include:
Scooper: 9.143 cm x 9.885 x 4.021 cm - Can be used to pick objects. A slit drains excess material
Device Holder: 12.45 cm x 6.993 cm x 2.03 cm - Can be used to hold devices such as camera or other gadgets.
Scrubber: 12.1 cm x 4.7 cm x 3.076 cm - Can be used for small task such as sanding surfaces or scrubbing dirt.
Shovel: 12.5 cm x 9.10 cm x 3.025 cm - To pick material flat from the surface

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