Our challenge to grow sustainable food while responsibly disposing of waste, duties that have burdened humanity for millennia, continues to hinder us as we explore the cosmos. My model, tailored for microgravity, provides a sustainable way to dispose of waste in space through aerobic composting while also providing an aeroponic growing system. Astronauts are able to grow up to 6 plants through the top cover, both to study and consume. The compartment below cases both the plants’ roots and organic waste. A nutrient-rich solution is sprayed on the roots to grow them aeroponically while also helping compost decompose faster. As compost turns to dirt, it falls through the grate into another easily-accessible compartment. Hinges, which require no extra assembly after printing, allow access to both areas. Everything snaps together, including a small handle, and thin flats are reinforced with thick bases. This project is best suited for HDPE plastic because it is strong and warp-resistant.

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