Revolving Lab Helper is designed to secure the petri dishes and the test tubes in a zero gravity environment. Each holder is designed to hold six tubes. At the bottom of every opening there is a thin layer of soft silicone flaps. This feature secures the tube and allows the holders to hold tubes of different sizes from micro-test tube to standard test tube, maximum diameter: 1.4 cm. There are ten petri dish clamps. The clamps can hold dish whose high is between eleven to nine millimeters. The best thing about the clamps is that there is no limit to the diameter of the petri dish. A cylindrical support is slip fit into the test tubes holders. This feature allows the holders to revolve along the support. The astronaut can close the holders into a single file which minimize the space that they occupy. At the end of the support there is a sucking disc. The sucking disc help stabilize the structure in a zero gravity environment by holding on to flat surface.

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