The Space Anchor prevents astronauts from getting stuck floating and being unable to reach any wall (like in the room Node 1 on the ISS). The anchor (the pyramid shaped piece) is fastened to a wall. If you cannot reach a wall, take out the two post pieces and assemble them. Insert the end of post one into the end of post two. Twist post one so that it locks in place. Extend the post by pulling on the ends and twisting so that the inner posts are locked. Hold the post as an extension of your arm and push the triangle end into the center of the anchor and pyramid’s petals will close. Next, twist the post so that the triangle at the end twists through the holes in the anchor. The post locks into the pyramid and now allows you to pull yourself to the wall. The Space Anchor could even be used for spacewalks to move along the outside of the ISS. Anchoring devices will be useful for future large expandable Bigelow modules.

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