Hi! My foldable picture frame is made with four hinges. These hinges can be assembled together to create on large picture frame, to hold any picture the astronaut has. There are also frame holders, that hold on to the picture so it doesn't fall out. There is a hole in the corner of one of the frame holders to attach the frame to anything else to keep it from floating away. There are also caps, to ensure the frame holds together until you take it apart. To use it, you assemble the pieces together and insert the picture! If you want, you can fold it or take it apart to store. I designed this because astronauts are in space for half a year or more. While gone, astronauts often miss things they care about. Thus, I made a picture frame so the astronauts can take a picture of their loved ones and bring the picture with them to space to comfort them at times if they are nervous or homesick. (When 3D printing, you can change the units, but I made this in inches. It is also color coded).

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