The Shrinking Wrench is an easy to use small tool when on the ISS if you need to remove, tighten or loosen a nut or bolt The Shrinking Wrench will do the job. The Shrinking Wrench can also be used as a replaceable flashlight. The shrinking wrench is a small portable tool consists of head the plyer used to pry out anything from a loose bolt to a microchip. The body is a bright blue so it's hard to lose it on repair jobs. The shrinking wrench can also be a tether hook. It also can use a battery power source if needed to make the job go faster it can also be clipped on to astronaut's tool belt because of the small hook. You can also use the back to put pressure on the lens of the Hubble Telescope if you needed to fix the lens. The wrench has many arms that can be used together or separately.

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