The Multipurpose Clamp utilizes various expansive functions (telescopic and assembly with screws) to expand to its full size of 35 cm length x 17 cm width x 12 cm height. Usage of the expandable clamp includes but is not limited to: maneuvering in microgravity, clamping to tricky to handle objects, mounting cameras for taking precise pictures or streaming ISS broadcasts, and keeping unwanted open items closed. Additionally, the clamp may serve as an organizer for wiring to keep undesirable wires from touching. While the International Space Station is already sufficiently stocked with fixed handles to aid astronauts in navigation, the ability to clamp this to virtually any appropriate surface can allow ease of access to numerous things depending on the astronaut's choice and potentially during an EVA. Assembly of the Multipurpose Clamp can be easily inferred from the expanded model and involves simply screwing the pieces together according to their respective labels.

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