Link-A-Lot (LAL) is a bunch of 3D printed identical pieces can be snapped together end-to-end to any length as an expandable chain. The size of the links can be changed to bigger or smaller by 3D print scale. The LAL has the joints like a finger; can only curl inward making it flexible in one direction and rigid and straight in other direction. The LAL has multiple uses: create a chain structure which can be used for holding panel, or even a selfie stick, building blocks for structures. For quick storage wrap around wrist as a bracelet or on waist as belt. Each link has a hole through which can run a thread that can be used to drive the joints to curl inward by pulling the thread while holding the other end of the link makes it useful to grab objects in tight spaces remotely. By running a rubber band along with the thread will keep the LAL always straight. By replacing the thread by a rubber band can make LAL an open ended clamp.

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