Astropots As astronauts live longer in space, they will need to figure out how to grow plants for food there. The concept is that astronauts leave earth with a 3D printer + the material to be used to print the pots + seeds. As astronauts set up a base, they 3D print small pots to put a little water and soil + a seed. Once the plant outgrows the initial small pot, a slightly larger pot is printed & the plant is moved. The original pots will be recycled to print the larger pots. As the plant grows, bigger pots are printed & the emptied pots recycled. Different sized pots are not taken on to space but printed there out of any paper material (napkins, wipes, documents, charts, and food containers). This invention can be used on Earth and the space shuttle but no other place because the plants are used to growing by Earth’s oxygen, temperature, humidity, and sunlight. The plants can grow on another planet in a greenhouse with the right conditions.

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