My project is a foldable shield that will protect the International Space Station from space junk. It contains 4 pins that will hold it together and 3 foldable sections of square blocks connected to hinges for storage purposes. The square blocks are on hinges that will lock when the pins are inserted. When space junk hits the shield, it will bounce back to prevent the ISS from damage. Since the shield in real scale is larger, it would not be able to fit inside the station. Also the shield only protects but does not collect space junk. I decided to make a shield because of the junk I have heard about floating around out in space, which puts the ISS in harm’s way. I designed this shield to not be electronic because of limited power resources. The shield will need to be manually cranked open. When the space junk hits the shield, it will be flexible like a catcher’s mitt. The shield will be attached to a spring system that will bounce the space junk back away from the ISS into space.

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