This is a set of planks and small links that can be assembled into almost anything. Once assembled, they can also be expanded. There are four specially designed corner planks. With assemblexes kits, you can build many things from a tray that hovers in microgravity to a box to keep things from flying away. The small links can easily be kept in a container to keep them from being inhaled. The links would be printed as magnets if possible and the planks would be printed in a metal that the links would not be attracted to. Assemblexes are not only useful but can provide entertainment for astronauts. Also, once they are assembled they can be stretched out or condensed for safe keeping. If enough sets were printed, a small wall or human sized structure could even be built. The assembled design shows a simple way that many of the parts could be connected. However, this design does not use corner pieces. This design is useful because it can be folded into a more compact shape.

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