The Bio-Fold Lab Rack is designed to support biological and medical research on the ISS while addressing the issue of limited space. The accordion-style rack has three panels for test tubes or plant containers, which are held in place by built-in clips. The rack can be oriented both vertically and horizontally in order to adjust to the available workspace. It can be used fastened to the wall or standing upright on its cover panel, which has notches for adjusting the panels’ angle. In the fully extended configuration the rack is approximately 34 cm. tall, 13 cm. long, and 11 cm. wide, and it folds down to 6 cm. tall in the stowed configuration. The Bio-Fold rack can hold up to fifty-four 10mm. test tubes, which can be stored inside when the rack is folded. The rack’s design has no loose small pieces in its assembly as all the hinges and test tube clips are integrated into the larger parts.

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