Astronauts go into space with prepackaged foods that are long-lasting and easy to clean in the microgravity environment. Everyday foods that are eaten here on Earth pose problems to astronauts because of how messy they can get in microgravity. With this print, ISS residents can now enjoy some freshly squeezed citrus fruit juices and drink it right out of the juicer. First, the astronaut must place an orange half on top of the dome inside the juicer. Next, place the lid with pointed protrusions into the circular slot (both pieces fit snug). By pressing the lid into the bottom juicer component, the orange peel will be pierced by the points and it will also be completely enclosed by the device. Spin the lid component that is now attached to the orange to remove all of the juice. Due to microgravity, the liquid will collect and stay inside the enclosed container. Finally, attach the tube to the filter protrusion on the juicer and suck the filtered juices out while containing the mess.

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