The Washcloth Applicator is a tool to be used in a micro-gravity environment to improve cleanliness. It prints as 11 pieces which telescope, slide and snap together on all three axes to form the final size of 10x16x42cm. A washcloth can be attached with two friction clips to the cloth bed. A water bag is attached to the bottom of the tool with the Waterbag Clamp. The clamp holds the bag in place and serves as a handle, which can compress the water bag. This compression allows the water to be absorbed by the washcloth by forcing it through tubing which runs through the telescoping rod and into a channel in the cloth bed. The Washcloth Applicator can be used to bathe in micro-gravity as an enhancement to the ISS’s current practice of sponge bathing by making it easier to clean hard-to-reach spots. The Washcloth Applicator can also be used to efficiently clean surfaces throughout the ISS. By using the Washcloth Applicator astronauts can more easily clean themselves and their environment.

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