The Gamemaker is a set of paddles and a ball for creating fun games in space. A few examples could be an adapted version of golf (for a microgravity environment), or games similar to ping pong and tennis. I'm sure astronauts could come up with other ideas on their own. This sports equipment is designed for use on the International Space Station or another microgravity environment, but could be used in any level of gravity. I came up with the idea by thinking about designs that would be unique, before settling on the topic of active games. The simplest piece of sports equipment is a ball, and most sports use one as a main component. I knew I needed a more complex aspect to my design so I added two paddles to the set to increase the variety of the playable games. My design can definitely reduce boredom on a prolonged space mission, help the astronauts bond through friendly competition, and allows fun exercise for the players.

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