My two for the crew object is a combination of a scalpel and retractors. While on their mission, the astronauts are constantly monitoring their health to see how being in space for a certain amount of time affects their well-being. In the middle of the side of the retractors is the scalpel, joined together by a connector. The retractors can be used to separate the edges of a wound, or to hold back tissues or organs in a medical emergency. The retractors can be made out of grade steel or titanium. The scalpel part can be useful in surgery too or crafts since it is small, and can also be made out of titanium. If the spaceship is having technical issues and a compartment filled with wires must be opened, you can use the scalpel to pry it open and cut something such as wires, and the retractors could be used to keep something open. As expressed, my two for the crew object, an amalgamation of a scalpel and retractors would be of much use on a mission to Mars.

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