The Pocket Penta Tool (PPT) is a compact, versatile, and safe pocket tool. It is easy to carry, making it readily accessible. Despite its small size, it has commonly used tools that would be applicable in many situations. Its two main tools are a wrench and a box opener. To use the wrench, slide a nut into the wrench holes until it locks into the correct slot. The wrench accommodates 12 different sized nuts. The box opener can be used to cut the tape that holds box flaps closed. This tool also provides two clips. The “U” shaped clip can be used to hold a stylus, pencil, or pen, preventing it from floating away, and the clip along the side can be used to hold sheets of paper. There is also a wire gauge measuring device that accommodates common sized wires. A hole at the top of the tool allows it to be clipped to anything. I have 3D printed multiple versions of this tool to prove its functionality. The PPT is a compact, everyday tool that has many applications in space.

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