The tool that I made for the two for the crew project is a otoscope and a flashlight together. The tool is used by pressing the button in the center to turn the light on. To use the otoscope you have to look through the smaller circle on the back. An otoscope can be used to look into people's eyes, mouth, and ears. The flashlight can be used to see objects in the dark. The otoscope is part of my project and is useful because the astronauts in space need to see how their bodies are adjusting to living in space and medical experiments. A flashlight is important thing to bring into space, it can be used to see or work in the dark. Also if you need help finding or getting something a flashlight would be useful. To use the flashlight you have to take off the bottom part of the otoscope and press the button. Putting these tools together would be an important thing to bring to space.

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