The Knife Screw is a dual purpose tool combining, as the name suggest, a knife and a screw. The Knife Screw can be used to do the average things your everyday knife and screw can do. The Knife screw also comes with a cover for the knife end of the tool. This cover will ensure that when the knife is not in use it will be safe and that the blade will not be damaged if stored with other tools in a toolbox. The screw part of the tool can be used to screw in and repair objects and pull them together. This will be useful if and object comes apart or breaks, as the Knife Screw can repair it. The knife section of the tool can be used to cut things. For example, it can do an everyday task such as cutting a sandwhich. The Knife Screw’s handle is a rounded rectangle, giving the holder a firm grip. The Knife Screw can be a useful tool at the space station and will be utilized well by the astronauts. The Knife Screw will really help people on the space station.

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