This tool is a combination of a pair of tweezers and a chisel. One side of my tool is flat and sharp and the other side are tweezers. When going to Mars, samples are often needed to see if the land is either suitable for agriculture, civilization, or even if it’s resourceful. With my tool, you can chisel out pieces of rocks with the flat end and use the tweezers to carefully place the object in a test tube without crushing it in your hands for later experiments. The extra circular piece that is provided is to equip on the tweezers. If there’s something that needs an extra force to chisel out the object, you can just equip the piece on the tweezers and use a hammer to chisel out what you need. I was able to get my idea from this one passage about how astronauts had to use a drill in order to find pieces of a rock’s core to bring back to earth. This tool is great for removing some of the extra pieces of the rock’s core as well as carefully moving it to a container or tube.

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