In Science, we researched about the hardships in space. Healthy habits are very important on the Space Station. Everyday, astronauts have to have two hours worth of workouts to keep their bones and muscles strong. When the astronauts are exercising they don’t have a gadget that will hold their water pouches. When they are in the ISS and they need a tool, they will have to go back to the tool box and get it. I am making a container that will hold tools, bolts in a green plastic cylinder and it will hold the water pouches when they need water, food tubes or more tools. When using the Spilophogus they have to clip it onto their clothing then they will have to screw in the water pouches and the food tubes and fit the tools in the right slots. My tool is special because they can exercise and have water at the same time and if they need to have food that they can grab their food from the belt, and if they need tools they will be able to reach into the Spilophogus.

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