Many astronauts need to wear goggles in space. If they don't wear their goggles, they won't be able to see. A problem in space is that there is microgravity. The challenge is that the astronauts that astronauts cannot see because of the low light. I invented space goggles to put on the outside of the helmet. They will protect the astronauts from deep space radiation because they are made of a stronger metal than aluminum so it will stick to the helmet. These space goggles will help astronauts see better in low light. They slide over the helmet so they do not take up extra space on the rocket. Strap it onto the helmet and if too big, just stretch the strap and you are good to go. Also, if you need to take them off, then unstrap the strap and take off goggles. You will need them in space and the shuttle.

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