My tool combines a container with a normal comb. It is an elliptic, hollow cylinder with protruding teeth for brushing hair. From my research I have found that astronauts do the same things to keep clean as they would on Earth, but with just a little difficulty. That includes showering. The shower necessities of an astronaut include water, rinse-less shampoo, and possibly a comb. The container can be used for storing water, shampoo, or any other cleansing substance. Then all that’s left is to use the comb to run product through hair. Also, there are pathways in the comb from the container, so the substance can be squeezed through the tiny holes. The container acts as the grip that stores the liquid, which goes through the pathways. This is one sole item for washing hair, other than a towel for drying of course. But when shampoo or water run out, the tool is refillable. It is designed with a screw cap that allows the container to be filled and sealed.

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