On Earth, gravity pulls bodily fluids down toward the feet. That doesn’t happen in space, and it is thought that extra fluid in the skull increases pressure on the brain and the back of the eye. This causes blurriness for the astronauts in space, and sometimes flattening of the back of their eyeballs. My tool is called Glaggles.The bottom half is a magnifying glass made from plastic, and the top half are nearsighted lenses. So astronauts will have to print clear plastic for the lenses separately. Astronauts have to twist in a screw on the end pieces to the bridge, then mold the earpiece to their size. One end piece is also a screw driver if they unscrew it from the rim of the Glaggles. These Glaggles will be a very helpful tool for astronauts in space to minimize the blurriness in their eyesight.

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