I have designed a tool that has a ratchet wrench , hammer and screwdriver all combined into one. Astronauts have already printed wrenches in space as part of a test. This is described by NASA scientist Niki Werkheiser; "For the printer's final test in this phase of operations, NASA wanted to validate the process for printing on demand, which will be critical on longer journeys to Mars," Ms. Werkheiser is the space station 3-D printer program manager at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. My tool is versatile because many different male wrench sockets can be attached to the female hexagonal adapter. The handle of the tool has a comfortable hand grip which also included a curved thumb groove and make it easier to carry and create more space for other items. I printed it in APB filament using 0.1 mm layer length. The design is functional, and was able to screw and unscrew a hexagonal bolt from a wooden base.

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